Welcome to the Coalition for a Fiscally Sound America

The problem is real. The solution will be painful. There is no easy way out. Everything must be on the table. And Washington must lead.
-- The Moment of Truth, final report of the
National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform

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Our nation is at an economic crossroads. We face a very real problem as national debt continues to grow as a percentage of our total economy. The problem continues to grow and the consequences grow more severe with every passing moment. We can no longer allow the burden of tough, necessary decisions fall to the next generation. Read more...
The Three Parts: Citizen Education, Citizen Participation and Problem Resolution
  • We think it is necessary to make more Americans aware of the scope and depth of the nation's fiscal dilemma and help them better understand the causes, effects and potential solutions.
  • We seek to motivate Americans to take action and communicate with their elected officials.
  • We want our nation's political leadership to enact, as soon as possible, both spending and tax reform sufficient to stabilize our national debt, revive our economy and return prosperity to America.
We have put together a wealth of resources on this site that you can use to educate and engage on this issue and, by doing so, help find a solution to our nation's deficit problem. By working together, we will be successful.